Europe’s Most Attractive Employers 2015

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Universum releases Europe’s Most Attractive Employers 2015. Over 168,000 business and engineering/IT students weighed in on what companies and employer characteristics they found most attractive. Google takes first position in the 2015 business ranking and IBM claims first place in the Engineering/IT category with Siemens close behind.


In the Business ranking we count a lot of Audit & Consulting companies such as EY, PwC, McKinsey or KPMG and BCG. In the IT/Engineering rankings, the IT multinationals IBM, Microsoft and Google land in the Top 5, while constructors like BMW Group, Daimler or Airbus are just behind. Google, Microsoft and Nestlé are the only one to be quoted as most attractive in both categories.

Discover the rankings below:


Source: Universum - we will job you!


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