Luxembourg tops ranking of business talent in the EU

Lausanne-based business school IMD’s second annual World Talent Report ranks Luxembourg as the leading country in the EU and third worldwide for developing, attracting and retaining talent to satisfy corporate needs.

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The Grand-Duchy ranks third worldwide in both the « Appeal factor » category and the « Readiness » category where it leads the way in the international experience of senior managers and the availability of language skills. Luxembourg is also among the top 10 worldwide in the « Investment and development factor » ranking.

Luxembourg tops ranking of business talent in the EU

“The key attribute among all the countries that rank highly in our standings is agility, as shown in their capacity to shape policies that preserve their talent pipeline,” remarked Professor Arturo Bris, Director of IMD’s World Competitiveness Centre.

Luxembourg tops ranking of business talent in the EU

The rankings are based on 20 years of data, including a survey of more than 4,000 executives in the 61 countries covered by the study. The research focuses on three main categories: investment and development of talent; the ability to attract foreign talent; and the availability of skilled labour. Scores are derived from factors which include education, apprenticeship, employee training, brain-drain, cost of living, worker motivation, quality of life, language skills, and remuneration and tax rates.

 Source: Luxembourg for Finance

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