FAQ – Job fair Unicareers.lu 2017 (English version)


The official career fair of the University of Luxembourg « Unicareers.lu » will enable you to meet in one-day time the major employers of Luxembourg. This event is aimed for students and young professionals (with up to 5 years of experience) looking for trainee positions, or a (first) job opportunity.

It is open to all students from schools and universities across Europe and beyond!

The fair will be organised in 9 distinct themed areas, enabling visitors to locate easily: Audit-Accounting, Banking-Finance-Insurance, Business-Corporate Services, Law-Legal, Training, Research & Development, Industry-Transportation, IT & Partners-Consulting-Services.

Job fair Unicareers.lu
Friday, September 29th, 2017 – from 10am to 5pm, non-stop
Luxembourg Congrès (European Convention Center), Luxembourg-Kirchberg)
Place de l’Europe – L-1347 LUXEMBOURG
Parking: Place de l’Europe
Bus: Lines 1, 13, 16 and Eurobus
Bus station: «Philharmonie / Mudam »
Contact: unicareers@moovijob.com

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General information – How to register – How to access the fair – On site – How to prepare for the career fair – How to approach exhibitors
General Information:
  1. When is the Unicareers.lu fair due?
  2. Which exhibitors will be there?
  3. General process as a candidate: what should I do to get in touch with recruiters?
How to register:
  1. Where can I get information about Luxembourg and administrative procedures?
  2. Why should I register for this fair?
  3. How to register for this event?
  4. When will I get my invitation to the fair?
  5. What to do if I didn’t get my invitation yet?
How to access the fair:
  1. When is the best time to come to the fair and what are the highlights of the day?
  2. How do I get to the fair?
  3. Where to park?
  4. Plan B: where to park if the surrounding parking lots are full?
  5. Car sharing: here is our event, you can post a journey and share your car to reach the fair.
On site:
  1. How to avoid the waiting line at the entrance of the fair?
  2. Are there coat check and toilets on site?
  3. Is there a restaurant on site?
  4. Where can I get a site map and the guide of the fair?
  5. Is there a WI-FI access point?
  6. Can I print CV/resume on site?
How to prepare for the career fair:
  1. Why should I come to the fair?
  2. How to prepare for this job fair?
  3. In which language should I address my applications?
  4. How to know if the online job offers I am interested in, are still up-to-date?
  5. How to optimize my visit to the job fair?
How to approach exhibitors:
  1. Why the recruiters ask me to register once again on their career website?
  2. What should I do if the recruiter is not standing at the booth?
General Information:
  1. The 4th edition of the fair Unicareers.lu will take place on Friday, September 29th, from 10AM to 5PM at Luxembourg Congrès. You can join the fair whenever you desire during the day. To know more about the highlights of the fair click here. (Back to the main menu)
  2. The fair will gather 133 exhibitors: recruiters, training organizations, and partners from Luxembourg and the Greater region. They will be spread over 9 distinct themed areas, enabling you to locate easily: Audit-Accounting, Banking-Finance-Insurance, Business-Corporate Services, Law-Legal, Training, Research & Development, Industry-Transportation, IT & Partners-Consulting-Services. A floor plan and a guide will be posted online before the fair and dealt on site at the entrance of the fair. To find the list of the exhibitors, you can go on the official website here. (Back to the main menu)
  3. During the previous editions, hired candidates gave their CVs and were contacted back by recruiters to arrange interviews for a job opening. Recruiters often give their business card to the candidates they are interested in. Do not hesitate to get back to them after the fair to thank them, and discuss further about opening positions. (Back to the main menu)
  4. Concerning administrative procedures and job seeking, you can find comprehensive details on the Partners-Consulting-Services themed area. (Back to the main menu)
How to register:
  1. You should register on Unicareers.lu: to seize the opportunity to meet face-to-face with numerous employers; be different and put yourself forward; develop your professional network; find your internship or job while receiving precious tips & advices! (Back to the main menu)
  2. To register for Unicareers.lu you need to go to: Unicareers.lu. You can click on the option I already have an account on moovijob.com to register faster or click on I don’t have an account. We invite you to complete the formulary the best you can. This will help recruiters find you in the CV-bank later. Your personal details are strictly confidential, your professional data will only be communicated to recruiters on moovijob.com. (Back to the main menu)
  3. After your registration online, (see question 6), you will receive a confirmation email within a few seconds. Check in your spam box. (Back to the main menu)
  4. If you registered but you didn’t receive any email, no panic! You can send us a message, thanks to our contact formulary, on the Information section of the official website. We will respond to your SOS shortly. 😉 (Back to the main menu)
How to access the fair:
  1. The job fair will be open all day long – 7 hours non-stop. To animate this fair, exhibitors invite you to attend up to 10 conferences scheduled along the day. You can find this program on the Conference section of the official website. (Back to the main menu)
  2. Warning: (we never know) the job fair Unicareers.lu takes place in Luxembourg-city, in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, not at the Luxembourg Garden of Paris. Yes, this confusion is made every year! Luxembourg-city is well served with high-speed trains (TGV) at the Luxembourg rail station, an international airport, but also buses, cabs and public bikes. Luxembourg Congrès is in the Kirchberg area. If you come by train, you can take the bus lines 1, 125, 16, 8, CN4, 38 and stop at the station: Philharmonie or Mudam. You will see the Philharmonie, a big white building which looks like an organ. Luxembourg Congrès is just behind the Philarmonie. If you see flying banners at the entrance of a big building, on a wide place, you have reached your destinations! (Back to the main menu)
  3. You can park around Luxembourg Congrès in the parking lots: Trois Glands, Place de l’Europe, Adenauer, Coque 1 and 2, but also in the Shopping Mall Auchan, which is free during the first three hours, but farther from Luxembourg Congrès. (Buses can bring you back to Place de l’Europe). Here is the full list of the parking lots and the prices. (Back to the main menu)
  4. If the closest surrounding parking lots are full, we advise you to park in the free parking called: P+R (Park & Ride), in the suburb areas of the city. Those parking lots are served by buses. The closest parking for the job fair is P+R Kirchberg on Boulevard Konrad Adenauer. Here are all the P+R in Luxembourg. (Back to the main menu)
  5. To help you organize your visit in Luxembourg, we thought about a Facebook event for you to exchange about car sharing. Click on this link to see if there is a path for you or to offer one. (Back to the main menu)
On site:
  1. Two standing lines will be available on site (respectively one for registered and one for unregistered candidates). To obtain this invitation, refer to question 6. (Back to the main menu)
  2. There are a coat check and toilets on site. A site map will be dealt at the entrance and banners will be placed all around the fair to help to you locate them. (Back to the main menu)
  3. There is a snack inside Luxembourg Congrès which is indicated. The shopping mall Auchan is also only 10 minutes away with 16 restore points. (Back to the main menu)
  4. At the entrance of the fair, a map and a program will be dealt together. You will also have at your disposal flyers and materials. If you have any query, the Moovijob team will be there for you. TVs and banners will help you to find the conference halls. (Back to the main menu)
  5. Luxembourg-city offers free WI-FI! You will not have to pay 40 € for 200 MB data even if you don’t have a Luxembourgish phone bundle! 😉 How to do? Connect-yourself to HOTCITY, then open your Internet browser and fill-in the form. You’ll be connected in a few seconds! (Back to the main menu)
  6. There is no printer on site, so think about bringing enough CVs with you. Otherwise, there is a Mister Copy Avenue de la Liberté, next to the central train station. (Back to the main menu)
How to prepare for the career fair:
  1. We often hear this question: what is in for me at a job fair? Here are the reasons: you meet many recruiters and sometimes, companies you never heard about within a few hours, you put a face to a name, you gather information, and you can stand out, apply or train yourself for your next interviews. Tell yourself, it’s a first meeting. You are not going to have a real interview so find out what are the high flags and the job opportunities for these companies. After the fair, you will have to get back to the recruiters and be ready for an interview, who knows? 🙂 (Back to the main menu)
  2. Shortlist the exhibitors you would like to meet. Check their job offers and prepare adapted CVs or cover letters for these opened positions to stand out on the D-day. (Back to the main menu)
  3. You always ask yourself, in which language you should address your application in Luxembourg? Well, there are many official languages: French, Luxembourgish and German. Depending on the branch of a company, its clients, or its collaborators, the spoken language will change. To know the needed language of your application, check the language used for the job offers, if it is French, then write in French, in English, then in English. You need to check also the languages required, even if the job offer is in English, it may be asked to work in Italian, so show that you do speak this language. To know more about the job offers at the fair, check the exhibitors section of the official website. (Back to the main menu)
  4. To know if the online job offers will still be available on the D-day at the job fair, we advise you to check if they are still online, or simply go to ask exhibitors. (Back to the main menu)
  5. To get the most out of this fair: target the exhibitors you are the most interested in. If a waiting line is shorter at another booth, pass it by first. This might not be the case afterwards. Do not forget that some recruiters will present conferences, this can be an opportunity to see what they should say and ask specific questions. (Back to the main menu)
How to approach exhibitors:
  1. Recruiters will often ask you to register on their career website. Why? Because it’s easier for them to manage your application with their software. They can get back to you whenever they have an interesting opportunity, while a piece of paper can be lost. (Back to the main menu)
  2. Be careful about empty booths between 12PM and 2PM. Recruiters might be having lunch! They meet hundreds of candidates during the day, a short break will do a world of goods, don’t you think? 😉 (Back to the main menu)

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