Plug&Work Luxembourg: Your CV was not needed

If you are an IT or a finance high flag, Plug&Work Luxembourg was the event not to miss on November 20. From 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, 690 candidates were invited to meet 40 prestigious recruiting companies at Centre National Sportif et Culturel d’Coque. Mckinsey&Company, Post Luxembourg, Orbium, Intrasoft International, BIL, CSSF, PwC and Northern Trust among other participating companies, came to hire IT and Finance talents during this job party organized by Moovijob.

Plug&Work Luxembourg: more about the concept

If you are not familiar with the concept, Plug&Work Luxembourg is a job party dedicated to ICT and Finance profiles that are looking to upgrade their career in the Grand Duchy. It is also all about informal discussions between participants and recruiters, well, nothing like a traditional job fair!

At the entrance of d’Coque, candidates were given a colored badge matching their sector of activities: yellow for Finance, red for IT developers, black for IT consultants and so on. Then, all they had to do is to look for recruiters with the same necklace’s color as theirs. That way, they would know which company is looking for potential hires in their sector.

No printed CV during the job party

Actually, Plug&Work Luxembourg is more like an after-work, where everybody mingles and where no CV is needed. All the recruiters already had the resume of all participants on their tablets: that way and only a click away, they could find the profile they had in front of them. The aim here is to go beyond the CV and the formal questions as usually seen in a job interview. The idea is to humanize the recruitment process and to give a chance to atypical and interesting profiles to stand out and defy the usual standards.

A very selective ICT and Finance recruitment event

Although, you must be wondering: why invite only 40 companies when there are hundreds in Luxembourg? Well, it is a restrictive event because: first, the organizers were well aware that high profiles that are usually attracted by such events seek confidentiality. Thus, they definitely would prefer to avoid bumping into recruiters from their current company while roaming around. Also, to insure quality conversations between recruiters and potential hires. Indeed, seats were intentionally limited for both sides.

Quality over quantity

This year the selection was actually particularly strict. Among the 1,700 registrations that have been made on Plug&Work website, only 690 profiles were selected by the sourcing department of Moovijob. “Quality over quantity” was the organizers’ credo. The Moovijob team wanted to tailor a successful event, where the potential hires would not wait to have a proper conversation with the companies’ representatives they came for. Also, the profiles were carefully chosen accordingly to the job offers and the needs of the firms participating to Plug&Work Luxembourg.

Who won the match at the end?

Well, there were no games played that night at d’Coque, although a lot of “matching” happened between potential hires and the companies represented during the job party. For once, everybody was winning: at Plug&Work Luxembourg. Both parts put aside formalities and had casual discussions about professional opportunities and what they can bring to each other. And it worked: while sipping drinks, enjoying food and music in the cosy/vintagey atmosphere of Kirchberg’s sport center, affinities were created between candidates and potential employers. The day or the week after, some of the participants will be contacted for a job opportunity. If not, it can be also the occasion to change the rules. Despite the popular belief that the ball is always on the recruiters’ side: candidates can be proactive too and follow-up with the person they met in Plug&Work Luxembourg. Last year, over a hundred of recruitment have been made thanks to the event. This year, it is expected to be at least the same, according to the organizers and the positive feedbacks they got from the companies.

You could not attend our event Plug&Work Luxemboug? Do not miss our upcoming recruiting parties and fairs!

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