My Life in Luxembourg: a Luxembourgish Business Manager’s point of view

You may not know, but Luxembourg is a hyper multicultural country located in the middle of Europe. To make you discover its labor market and the diversity of people who live and work there, we decided to interview each month someone about his/her life in Luxembourg! For this third episode, Louis, a 27-year-old Luxembourgish Business Developer, accepted to share with us his 2 years of work experience in Luxembourg.

After graduating in France in 2016, Louis decided to come back in Luxembourg (his country) to start his career. He is now a Business Developer in an IT consulting and Business advisory firm.

After two years of working experience, we asked him what were the 3 things he liked the most in Luxembourg regarding the working environment. As a resident, he told us about the social climate and the multiculturalism of the country and the capital. For him, salaries are also very attractive (net minimum wage amounts to 1,998.9€ gross for a non-qualified worker; 2,398.3€ for a qualified worker in January 2018).

When asked about what he doesn’t like at work, Louis underlines the fact that there is a clear difference between wages in the public and the private sector. Indeed, some wages in public education can be 45% higher than in the private sector and on average, private sector workers earn 31% less than people in the public sector.

We also wanted to obtain his view concerning Luxembourg in general. There is one thing he regrets about Luxembourg: expensive rents (count on average 1,378€ per month to rent a flat in Luxembourg, for any surface). However, he raised our attention on the quality of life, the fact that you can easily network in this little country and of course, as a good Luxembourgish food lover, he advises to any visitor to try the Gromperekichelecher!

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