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Launched in 2010 by Moovijob, the job parties Plug&Work are reaching a real success. Those job parties are more and more famous as they meet the needs in recruitment in specific sectors such as IT, Finance, Engineering or even Sales. What are the advantages of such a recruitment process for recruiters and candidates, and how does it ‘Plug and’ -Work?

Job Party - Plug&Work

 Uncommon parties

There are several types of recruitment parties. For the simple version: candidates and recruiters have the possibilities to exchange their business cards and see each other’s afterwards on a voluntary basis. For the more digital and sophisticated version, there is Plug&Work! The CV of the candidates are uploaded directly on a safe database on a digital tablet. Those tablets are given to recruiters that select along the party the names of the potential people they met and they liked. Thus, the CV or the business cards are not lost in translation.

The advantages of such a party

First, each candidate is selected before the event. This is a guarantee in advance for him/her to match with the recruiters’ expectations in terms of education level and professional competencies. This system ensures people to come for a good reason and meet a dozen of companies of their branch. The schedule is also very interesting as for the confirmed profiles, it is hard during the day while they work to apply for jobs or pass job interviews.

Secondly, those parties breaks the codes of the classic recruitment process as the meeting is direct while it would take more time with a traditional application and several calls to set up a schedule. During these happenings, we meet the right persons. The companies are available and seek for the same thing as the candidates: « working together ». Those recruiters are all the more interested because they know that the candidates are pre-selected and qualified. This smooth way of meeting people in a casual atmosphere promotes exchanges. Candidates like recruiters will then have the occasion to talk about a lot of things without any stress and will be able to show themselves in the best possible light!

Third, those job parties reverse current trend. They give the opportunity to talk not only about job missions, experiences, and technologies, but also to detail projects, and talk about ONESELF! We are far away from a formal interview. Candidates can reveal themselves in real conditions by expressing essential soft skills, necessary to adapt to a future working team.


The Plug’In’Terview of the recruiters

Nowadays, there is no shortage of good profiles. Long studies, many professional experiences … but what makes the real difference are the soft skills! These are the competencies to adapt, in a team or in a moving and international context. Do you know how to manage a team or sell yourself? Are you able to negotiate or present a project in front of clients? So many competencies that are also the ones that the recruiters are looking for at Plug&Work.

Many recruiters accepted to be Plug’In’Terviewed at the occasion of Plug&Work Delux. Their expectations, their strategies of seduction, what would they be ready to do for a candidate? Here are their answers …

Moovijob: How far would you go for a candidate?

Team TradeWe would take him for a ride in town and give him all the good addresses where to brunch in Luxembourg. And when finally he/she joins our team, greet him/her and stock his/her packing cases at the office. Nothing that we haven’t done yet to welcome our collaborators coming from abroad!

Moovijob: With a candidate, this little thing that makes the difference is…

EFA: Its emotional intelligence.

Its4U: Motivation, motivation and motivation. Candidates have to know how to stand back, to differentiate themselves from the others while showing us why their experience and/or their profile could bring us something.

Team Trade: Politeness and good manners, the detail that isn’t one but which changes everything. This is a fundamental professional competency that favours relations and that we evaluate at each step of our recruitment process.

AUSY: Its capacity to be passionate with something else than its job.

Moovijob: Love at first sight for a candidate next November, the 17th what will you do?

42 Consulting: During the party; we will schedule directly a final interview with the candidate.

ING: Well, I call my husband to tell him that i will go back home later…. But of course, you are talking strictly of a professional thunderbolt, so in this case, sequester the candidate so that he/she does not meet any recruiters.

CTG: Good question… it is a complex situation where we must not confuse between speed and precipitation… I think I would dig a bit further at Plug&Work and if my first impression was the good one, I will schedule ASAP an interview with him/her.

Moovijob: A job party, what does it change?

Its4U: A less formal ambiance, more casual = a good climate for exchanges. It is a dynamic and efficient way of recruiting that is constructive for both a recruiter and a candidate as they can discover each other.

Moovijob: A Plan B if you don’t have any more business cards?

AUSY : I send them my GSM number with a text and I insist to get the one of the candidates that have an outfit like the one recommended on your article « Dress code for a recruitment party ».

EFA: I would sign an autograph!


What we think about it: 

Behind every company at Plug&Work there are always open-minded and accessible recruiters willing to meet candidates to find the winning number.

Those enterprises differentiate themselves by participating to a digital and uncommon experience. A company that participates at Plug&Work tells a lot about its innovation wishes and its corporate culture. We are very far from the stereotypes and very heavy hierarchy that leaves no place for exchange or proactivity.

This desire to establish closer ties with the talents of tomorrow also comes from the fact that there are at the same time, plenty of good profiles and that recruitment process are not only based on a diploma or experiences. Recruitment is also based on emotional intelligence like said a recruiter of EFA. What do we mean by that? In Human Resources, it is a question of humans that operate not only rationally but also with feelings.

 Job parties are a perfect moment to show oneself under the best light and strike an emotional chord. The most important is to be oneself like we would be with our future working team.

Last Tips

Before the party you can train yourself to the elevator pitch exercise. It is the art to introduce yourself in 20 seconds with your interlocutor to tell him who you are and what you want. It is a very crucial step because it drives the conversation from the beginning. Thanks to this, you will avoid losing your time and talking to the wrong person.

On the practical side, the Moovijob Team advises you to come in advance, around 7:00pm so that you can reach the recruiters while they are still fresh and available. You can opt for a casual business outfit and keep some space for finger foods, (we have tasted it and even left some of it for you!).

We hope that you will enjoy Plug&Work and that you will Please and Work!

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